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I was able to download the Windows 10 Fall Creators update to my computer, however when I restart the computer to finish installing the update like it tells me to it doesn't update.— Selereth on Reddit Alongside these problems, there have been reports across the internet complaining about the installation taking more than two hours, and in some cases more than 10 hours. I had to use Explorer to complete this question page.— Reported Jon_Don_Juan on Reddit [...] In Edge, whenever I type to the search/address bar, it's slow.There's noticeable lag from typing to when letter appears on the screen, and if the word/address is some 6 letters long, there starts to be really long delay between typing and when the letters appear.

After installing version 1709, a number of users have been experiencing some driver problems with network adapters and graphics cards.

In the new version of Windows 10, you're also supposed to find a vastly improved version of Microsoft Edge with new features and changes, but unfortunately, many users have found more problems than improvements. It would let me type the subject, the details part crashed.

— laborraine on the Microsoft forums [...] running edge keeps asking me to recover webpages and completely stops working if I try to go anywhere other than the bing search homepage and overall sluggishness.

Also, some users have been feeling the frustration of not being able to install the new version using Windows Update.

According to a post on Reddit, the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update downloads successfully, but upon restart, the update never installs.

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